Business and tax advice for individuals and legal entities

Infolab - Do business successfully with a good advice!

Business and tax consulting is becoming increasingly necessary not only to legal but to physical entities as well. Since we are aware of the fact that successful business is based on availability of correct information, we have developed a set of services for our clients.

Business Consulting


- Transactional services             

 - Development of business and investment plans             

 - Preparation of feasibility study and selection of accounting software             

 - Services Enterprise Restructuring             

 - Mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures             

 - Implementation of the bankruptcy proceedings and reorganization plan in accordance with the law

- Evaluation of assets, liabilities and equity

With our good advice you can turn the business barriers in your favour and reduce operational costs, generate new sources of income, reduce business risks, increase profitability and thereby take a better position in the market.

Tax consulting

Tax duties and related calculations are becoming more complex and bear increasing risks for a company's business. InfoLab takes care of your duties and deals with them with due care.

If you wish to put us in charge of calculation of all your required tax duties you can expect quality service and timely informing on all changes that might affect your business.

Our Services tax advice include:

- Tax planning for your business                 

- Tax audit and control of intern tax procedures                 

- Interpretation of regulations and providing expert opinions, consulting in the area of implementation of legislation in the field of income tax, value added tax and excise tax, real estate tax, the avoidance of double taxation and other                 

- Optimization of tax loads during the statutory changes and when planning of various transactions                 

- The diagnostic company inspections from the tax aspects for the needs of potential customers, analysis of tax implications related to significant contracts and transactions                 

- Identifying the types of taxes that are subject to certain transactions with individuals and legal entities company


Changes in the market sometimes require adjusting of a company's founding documents. It usually includes changes in: company name, field of activity, head office, founders, directors, authorised representatives, level of the initial capital etc. InfoLab can assist you in making the necessary changes without compromising the continuity of your business.

“The man with an idea is a fool, until the idea succeeds“

Mark Twain