Bookkeeping & Accounting

In accounting functions we include - Financial accounting, management and taxation.

Financial accounting typically, it satisfies the need for external financial accounting reports. In financial accounting reports is included a regular annual, and in some cases interim financial statements.

Management Accounting has the function to provide information to managers so that they can better manage their business processes. Also referred to as an internally accounting, in many manufacturing companies also cold as a drive and factory accounting.

Taxation accounting provides taxation informations, which by the standards of measurement, presentation and recognition, and by the key elements are largely different from the accounting regulations. It is used for calculating the annual income tax, value added tax and other tax liabilities such as income tax, property taxes and so on.

Bookkeeping is a system which, based on the proven documents, monitors economic and financial processes and in chronological order, systematically record in the accounting records, resulting business changes of assets, capital, liabilities, expenses, revenues and financial results of operations.

    The main tasks of bookkeeping are:
  • The systematic collection of data on changes in the entrepreneur business
  • Chronological record in the books of all incurred transactions
  • Determining of the business results
  • Providing insights to employers and owners of capital (shareholders)
  • Provision of the necessary informations for making of the calculations
  • The preparation of the basic financial statements.  

Infolab - Bookkeeping for your successful business.

Infolab has been providing accounting services in Montenegrin market for over twenty years now. Decades of our experience and compliance with the International Accounting Standards guarantee quality of service regardless of the branch of business you do.

    We offer you accounting services in the field of:
  • √ commercial and labour law,
  • √ tax legislation,
  • √ stock control and inventory bookkeeping.

    Our bookkeeping and accounting services we have adapted to each client and his business sensibilities.
    These services include:
  • Accounting records of all changes
  • Preparation of accounting statements in accordance with the Law
  • Production of semi-annual and annual balance in accordance with the Law
  • Stock and material registering of all changes
  • Posting changes in financial accounting
  • Crediting of all changes
  • VAT records
  • Track of changes through the application of books of published accounts
  • Track of changes through the application of books of received invoices
  • Development of wages, earnings, contributions to pension funds, contributes to health, contributes to unemployment, income tax
  • Making M4 application and submit to the Pension Fund
  • Certification of health cards
  • Check-in and check-out of workers

Keeping personal data and documentation, compliance with the legal reporting deadlines, informing about business results and changes in regulations are all included in our service. Through cooperation in the field of bookkeeping you are entitled to consulting services, under special terms.

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